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Ruth McVicar - Veterinary Assistant

Ruth has been at the Greenwood Animal Hospital since it opened in 1990. She was born and raised in the Greenwood area. Ruth has always been following her love for animals and her amazing ability to care for them, working at Treecroft Kennels and with the Evangeline Kennel Club before she and Dr. Speelman “got things rolling” at the Greenwood Animal Hospital.

At the beginning Ruth, being the technician half of the two person team, did everything a Technician/Receptionist/Kennel worker etc does. With the Vet Clinic staff over 15 now she still can, and does, help anywhere that she is needed, but spends more time then before administratively and running our in clinic blood chemistry machines, blood counting equipment, electrolyte monitoring equipment etc. Ruth has watched and helped the practice grow through times of technical and computer growth to where the practice is now and is always helping us continue to upgrade and expand on technical changes that help us take care of our pet patients better.

Ruth is currently owned by three cats, Felix, Oscar, and JB all rescued through some situation at the Greenwood Animal Hospital. She recently adopted an elderly Collie, Jerry Lee, who was looking for a retirement home.

In her spare time Ruth is actively playing Hockey, Volleyball, Soccer, and her favorite Softball. When the opportunity arises she likes to go camping and enjoys taking Jerry Lee for long strolls in the picturesque areas around Greenwood.

Heather Hunt - Veterinary Assistant

Heather was born in Berwick, in the Annapolis Valley. She grew up in Bridgetown and graduated from Bridgetown Regional High School. She traveled to Victoria B.C. and attended West Coast College receiving her Veterinary Assistant degree. Heather started her career at a veterinary clinic in Victoria and after three short years headed homeward as far as Riverview, New Brunswick for another three year veterinary assistant position. She has recently finished her homeward journey and is at home in the Annapolis Valley and helping us serve the pet owners of Greenwood area at the Greenwood Animal Hospital.

At the Greenwood Animal Hospital Heather uses her skills and experience to help at the front desk, caring for the animals, assisting the veterinarians in medicine and surgery and helping where ever she can.

Her husband and her have a full time, after hours job, raising their young son and daughter and taking care of their 3 dogs, Jessie, Pepsi, and Joey, their three cats, Boogie, Stern and Halo and of course their ferret O’Malley always helps make life more interesting.

Denise Crawford - Animal Health Technician

Denise came from a Nova Scotian Military family. She was born in Germany, raised in Ontario and returned to her family’s home, Nova Scotia, when she was 16. After graduating from West Kings High School, Denise followed her love for animals, especially horses, to Rawhide Vocational College in California for a two year course in Horsemanship and Animal Science. With her new found knowledge and experience and her desire to always help people she returned to Nova Scotia, Cape Breton to be more specific, to teach mentally and physically challenged people to horseback ride.

Denise continued to follow her desire for learning and her love for animals to take two more years of an Animal Science degree offered at the Nova Scotia Agricultural College then completed a three year course to become an Animal Health Technician.

Denise has been at Middleton Vet Services/Greenwood Animal Hospital since 2002. Animal Health Technicians are the veterinary version of a registered nurse /anesthesiologist /dental hygienist all in one. Denise helps the veterinarians in surgery, offers constant monitoring of anesthetics, meets clients before they see the vet, to collect medical information and do a preliminary examination, does lab work and helps nurse our sick patients back to health.

Denise and Kevin have a son, Alex, who helps use up any energy they have left at the end of the day. Their home is also the home for their cat Winger, Jake the labrador retriever and Sparky, a French Canadian pony who prefers to stay out in the barn.

Denise also enjoys horseback riding, reading, cross stitch and gardening.

Vanessa Clarke - Animal Health Technician

Vanessa is on her internship with us at the Greenwood Animal Hospital as well as at Middleton Vets. She will be graduating soon as an Animal Health Technician.

Vanessa grew up in Grand Falls, Newfoundland and moved to the Annapolis Valley as a teenager. She has always loved working with animals and decided before she graduated from Middleton Regional High School that she was going to pursue this desire to work with animals. She was accepted into the difficult course for Animal Health Technicians at the Nova Scotia Agricultural College in Truro. The course is three years long and teaches their students all the requirements to help veterinarians in a vet practice, from care and handling of pets to drawing blood samples, running IV solutions, assisting in surgery, radiographs, ultrasounds, endoscopy etc.

Vanessa is on the scene when your pet is being cared for either in an appointment, in surgery or if your pet requires hospitalization, she is always there to give your pet that extra support it needs.

After hours Vanessa enjoys gardening, swimming, and camping.

Monica Malko- Pet Groomer

Monica is a part of the Greenwood Animal Hospital yet a separate part. She runs the grooming side of the pet practice and helps our patients look better and feel more comfortable.

Monica is our western blood, hailing from Winnipeg. She has amble experience grooming cats and dogs, this career choice started in Winnipeg where she groomed for eight years before moving farther west still to British Columbia to work in a vet clinic as an assistant and a groomer . After five years at this combined position she returned to Winnipeg to continue both veterinary assistant and grooming at another veterinary practice for a further five years.

Monica joined the Greenwood Animal Hospital in 2003. She enjoys grooming all types of pets but really enjoys doing Breed Clips which are the special clips designed for each breed. Monica enjoys the full gamete of grooming from breed clips to Bath and Tidy’s on German shepherd and Labrador retrievers, to combing out your favorite feline. They’re all challenging and exciting and always look good afterwards.

Monica is a feather fancier and has three cockatoos, Kramer, Nicky and BB as well as a Blue and Gold Macaw, Named Sherman. The birds are very enjoyable and add excitement to the household, Nicky is a rescued bird and had picked up a few words she shouldn’t know, and …rumor had it her previous owner was a sailor!

Along with the birds her husband Dave and their dog Jersey like spending time gardening and enjoying the Annapolis valley scenery. Dave and Monica spend a lot of time with the birds but Jersey stays clear of the “big birds”.

Melissa Lee- Receptionist

Melissa is a local girl, born in Berwick in the Annapolis Valley, she went through all her school years in the Valley, at West Kings High, and continued to Kingstec Community College where she studied Business Administration and Accounting.

Melissa is there to greet you when you arrive at the Greenwood Animal Hospital. She will help weigh your pet, check you in with the doctor, refill prescriptions and make you feel at home. When not attending to the needs of the pet owners at the front desk she helps pet owners on the phone, booking appointments and reminding them of upcoming health care issues.

After hours Melissa shares her time with her two Calico cats Tigger and Rosie, and likes to spend time camping, playing the guitar, and playing squash. She currently is playing with the Greenwood Squash Club.

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